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M1M4 Techpack

M1M4 Techpack

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If you're looking for a complete and highly customizable techpack for your product, you've come to the right place! Our techpack is designed to be easily modified using Canva and Illustrator software, which means you can fully customize it to reflect your brand and your specific needs.
In addition to brand customization, our techpack plays an essential role in ensuring accuracy during the production process.

By providing precise details, such as label placement, technical specifications and materials needed, we help avoid costly errors and delays in sample production. This not only saves you valuable time, but also avoids additional costs associated with correcting production errors.

With our techpack, you have a powerful tool for communicating clearly and effectively with your manufacturers, ensuring that your vision is realized accurately. And to give you an even greater competitive advantage, we include a comprehensive PDF guide to help you use techpack efficiently and effectively. With our techpack, you can be sure to take your product from concept to production successfully, saving valuable time, money and resources along the way.

  1. Initial Sketch: A page dedicated to the initial sketch of your product. This allows you to quickly visualize the concept and make any changes before proceeding to the production stage.
  2. Construction details sheet: This page provides a detailed view of your product's construction, with precise illustrations and clear measurements to ensure accuracy during production.
  3. Artwork and graphics: If your product includes special graphics or artwork, this page is the right place to view and define the details, allowing clear communication with your production team.
  4. Label Placement Sheet: Make sure your product labels are placed correctly with this label placement page. You will be able to indicate exactly where they should be placed to ensure flawless presentation.
  5. Specification sheet: A detailed page that lists all the technical specifications of your product, including materials, dimensions, and other critical production information.

     7-8. Materials List: Pages 7 and 8 are devoted to the complete list of materials                     needed to produce your product, with details on quantity, type and supplier.

    Bonus: Sample Tracking: As a bonus, we include a page dedicated to sample                              tracking, which will help you keep track of prototypes and samples during the                  product development process.

Customer Reviews

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shanice pocorni
Thank you for my order

I order a techpack and Guide and i recieved it ! Trusted

So helpfull !!!

Perfect ! Thank you !

anton H,T
m1m4 review

very helpfull for new brand owners. and very good description of how to use the techpack. very good and eays to use techpack

Best Techpack template available

I wanted to thank you for your amazing help with the clothing template tech pack for my brand. The design is clear and detailed, making the production process so much easier. Your expertise and communication were top-notch, ensuring everything met our standards perfectly. The tech pack has significantly improved our efficiency and product quality

Nicole Conti

M1M4 Techpack

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